Good Color for a Living Room With a Fireplace

Written by dorian gray | 13/05/2017
Good Color for a Living Room With a Fireplace
This living room with a fireplace features neutral decor. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

A fireplace often serves as the focal point of a home, exuding warmth and providing comfort. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, then you should choose the right colour scheme to enhance it. Consider the material that your fireplace is constructed from and whether you want room to feel more traditional or modern.

Colour Schemes With Brick Fireplaces

If your fireplace surround is made of brick, choose colours that complement this shade. For example, if the brick is a deep brown, try pale blue walls for your living room. If the brick is a soft orange, choose richer shades of blue or purple to help set it off. You can match your wall colour to the colour of the brick, although the fireplace might seem to disappear.

Colours That Enhance Natural Stone Fireplaces

Fireplaces made of granite, marble or slate are elegant and attractive, but also neutral in nature. You can pair just about any colour with these stones. For a modern and monochromatic look, match the floor material and wall colour to your stone fireplace. Or select bold, jewel-toned colours to form the backdrop of the space and enhance the silhouette of your natural stone fireplace. Install a mantel of a contrasting material such as wood to add warmth and a splash of colour to your stone fireplace surround.

Stucco or Concrete Fireplaces

Stucco and concrete fireplaces look minimal on their own, which means they can lack surface texture or other decorative details. Dress up this blank surface by painting the adjacent wall a bold shade like red or orange. Hang a piece of art above the mantel, either a painting that is abstract and colourful or one that features a traditional and realistic landscape. Use decorative glazed tiles to accent the hearth or create a fireplace surround, enhancing the look of your stucco or concrete fireplace.

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