How Much Does a Picket Fence Cost?

Written by jennifer eblin | 13/05/2017
How Much Does a Picket Fence Cost?
Picket fences have an almost cute look. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

A white picket fence has a classic and old-fashioned appeal. The cost of installing a picket fence around your own yard varies, depending on whether you do the job yourself or use professional help.

Installation Costs

Based on 2007 data from Landscaping Ideas Online, picket fences start at £9 per square foot and rise to £19 per square foot for a 4-foot tall fence. That doesn't include the cost of labour, which can be up to half the price or more of the fence.

DIY Costs

If you attempt to install the picket fence yourself, you need a post hole digger and concrete to pour in the holes and secure the fence posts. It may cost several thousand dollars to rent a post hole digger, though some rental shops rent the tools.


The cost of installing a picket fence may rise if your yard has obstacles or an unusual shape. Adding multiple gates to the fence will also increase the overall cost.

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