Dsg gearbox problems

Updated July 20, 2017

DSG, or "direct shift gearbox," is an electronic, dual-clutch, multiple-shaft, manual gearbox used by Volkswagen. In a transaxle design, the DSG has full automatic control and is without a convectional clutch pedal. DSGs have faster shift times, despite some problems.

Mechatronic Control-Module Fault

A mechatronic control-module fault mentioned by the website may develop in the DSG gearbox system. The problem causes an intermittent "PRNDS" light flashing. The DSG begins working normally if left to cool for some time, but the problem becomes permanent with time.

Momentary Delay When Accelerating

A momentary delay problem when accelerating mentioned by the website causes intermittent acceleration pausing problem. Volkswagen corrects the transmission control module problem by reprogramming the module with updated software for free.

Abrupt Shift to Neutral

The direct shift gearbox causes an abrupt shift to neutral is a problem attributed to an insufficiently crimped connector wires that makes the temperature sensor falsely detect high gearbox oil temperature. This causes the transmission to shift to neutral abruptly, a problem that could to lead to a crash without warning, warns

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