What Happens When the Wastegate Is Not Opening on the Turbo Diesel?

Written by colby stream | 13/05/2017
What Happens When the Wastegate Is Not Opening on the Turbo Diesel?
Most modern diesel engines use a turbocharger and wastegate to help the engine operate more effectively. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Most diesel engines used today have a turbocharger and a wastegate. If you're looking to keep your engine in top condition, you'll want to know what the wastegate does and how it affects your engine.

Turbo Diesel Basics

A turbo diesel is a diesel engine with a turbocharger attached to it. The turbocharger, a common piece in diesel engines, uses the exhaust to increase compression in the cylinders. This allows more air and fuel into the engine, giving it more power.

Wastegate Basics

The wastegate, a part of the turbocharger, siphons extra pressure out of the engine. This became a necessity when companies began building the turbocharger with smaller exhaust housing, making pressure build up more quickly.

Dangers of Wastegate Malfunction

If the wastegate doesn't open properly, it may cause too much pressure to build up in the engine too quickly. This can create too much boost in your engine, wasting fuel and potentially damaging your engine.

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