Clutch Maintenance for a Renault Laguna

Updated March 23, 2017

The clutch is one of the most integral parts of any vehicle. The Renault Laguna is no exception. Problems shifting gears or an instance of the vehicle moving forward when the clutch pedal is pressed down indicate that it's time to have a professional perform maintenance on your clutch.

Clutch Linkages

Proper maintenance begins with clutch linkages. This must be done by an auto professional, preferably one familiar with the Renault Laguna's clutch system.

Clutch Disks

As a Renault racks up miles, the clutch disks wear out. As clutch disks wear out, the clutch begins to slip, further damaging the clutch system and, after a time, causes it to fail.

Clutch Cables

Difficulty shifting a Renault Laguna could mean that the clutch cables need to be looked at. Stretched clutch cables can eventually lead to problems with clutch disengagement. Stretched clutch cables need to be replaced by a service professional.

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