Homemade Tool Rest for a Bench Grinder

Written by edwin wilson | 13/05/2017

The tool rest attachment for a bench grinder is primarily used to sharpen tools common to the woodworking trade. Providing for steady placement and a reproducible angle, using a tool rest can greatly ease the honing process for chisels.

Platform Rest

The majority of tool rests are comprised of a platform held at a specific height and angle to the grinding wheel. While many manufactured rests are made of aluminium, for its light weight and durability, a homemade platform could easily be made from hardwood or thin steel plate.

Height, Distance and Angle

For a homemade rest, the height, distance and angle of the platform will all be specific in relation to the bench grinder. The desired end result should allow the blade that needs honing to make contact with the grinding wheel at a bevel angle between 15 degrees and 25 degrees.

Attachment to Work Bench

With a homemade rest, the method of attachment to the work bench be particular to your own shop. Since bench grinders create an impressive amount of torque, it is recommended that tool rests be created in such a way that the bottom can be bolted directly to the work bench.


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