Manual transmission clutch problem diagnosis

Updated March 23, 2017

Manual transmissions require drivers to use the clutch and gear lever to modify in which gear the engine is operating, while automatic transmissions do this automatically. Manual transmissions can have their own problems.

Excessive Noise

One sign of a bad clutch shaft pilot bearing is a high-pitch squealing sound when you disengage the clutch. This squeal can also happen within the first two inches of depressing the clutch pedal. You may need to replace the pilot bearing.

Hard Shifts

Hard shifts are not normal for manual transmissions. If your transmission is shifting hard, check the transmission lubricant level and quality, in addition to seeing if the clutch linkage needs adjustment.

Noise in Neutral

If your transmission makes noise while you in neutral, it could be symptomatic of several problems. These include the transmission not having enough lubricant, a worn down reverse idler gear, worn down bearings or worn down gear teeth.

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