PT Crusier Heating Problems

Updated February 21, 2017

The PT Cruiser refers to a compact car launched by Chrysler in 1999. The PT Cruiser, renowned for its distinct, retro-style look, can experience heating problems that often can be resolved with some basic troubleshooting checks.

Engine Overheating

The PT Cruiser radiator cap spring can lose elasticity over time, and cause water in the antifreeze to escape. The overflow tank may not replenish the fluid loss, resulting in the accumulation of heat in the engine. Inspect the spring for signs of wear and replace the cap as needed.

Lack of Heat

If the PT Cruiser heating system produces little to no heat, the heater core may be leaking coolant. Inspect the core for cracks, as well as the hoses leading to the heater core for tears or other signs of wear, and make the necessary replacements.

Air Pockets

Air pockets can develop in the PT Cruiser heater hoses and core due to insufficient levels of coolant in the radiator. Check the inlet and outlet return heater hoses with the heater running. If the heater hoses feel cool, air pockets are to blame. Open the bleeder valves on the hose connections or thermostat housings to bleed out the air pockets.

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