What Is Toshiba Speech System?

Written by sue balk | 13/05/2017
What Is Toshiba Speech System?
Use the Toshiba Speech System as a dictation tool. (pages of text image by blaQ from Fotolia.com)

Toshiba Speech System is voice-composition and speech-recognition software for Toshiba devices such as laptops, computers and smartphones. This program allows you to turn text into speech and spoken words into text.


If you need to install Toshiba Speech System, the ZIP file is available as a free download at the Toshiba website for Windows operating systems (see Resources). Upon install, you will need to train the system to recognise your voice by reading text aloud. Some users prefer using a headset with a microphone because the system can better discern vowels and consonants.

Voice Command and Dictation

Toshiba Speech System enables you to use voice commands for various Windows software applications by recognising input from a microphone. The system may also be used as a dictation tool.


The speech system also turns text into audio. A clear, electronic voice vocalises text in various Windows software applications.

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