Picooz Charging Problems

Written by kefa olang | 13/05/2017

Your Picooz helicopter uses a built-in Li-poly battery for a longer flying time. In some cases, the battery may fail to charge, so troubleshooting charging problems is necessary.

Damaged Battery

If your battery is damaged, it will fail to charge. Causes to most battery problems include dropping and striking, immersion in water and other liquids and exposure to fire or heat.

Damaged Toy

If your helicopter has been exposed to water and other liquids, the electronic assemblies are likely damaged. If it has been exposed to intense heat for a period of time, the device may overheat and fail to charge.


Do not use a battery other than the one supplied for your Picooz helicopter. Do not strike or throw the battery on a hard surface. Do not leave the battery near a heat source or extreme heat.

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