Singer Sewing Machines With Slow Speed

Written by arin bodden | 13/05/2017
Singer Sewing Machines With Slow Speed
Singer offers a variety of sewing machines with automatic speed settings. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

The Singer Company started making sewing machines in 1851 and currently produces a wide line of machines with many different features and functions. There are several Singer sewing machines that have speed control options.

Singer 7258 Stylist

The Singer 7258 Stylist is equipped with an electronic speed control function operated by a slide lever located on the front of the machine. This lever gives greater control to a sewer than a pedal because it automatically regulates the speed of the machine without any of the speed dips or jumps that commonly occur with pedal operation.

Singer Futura Quartet

The Singer Futura Quartet is a four-in-one machine that sews, embroiders, serges and quilts. It comes with an electronic "autopilot," which can be set by you to any speed from the very slowest to the very highest amount of stitches per minute.

Singer New Featherweight

The Singer New Featherweight is a machine with many stitch options and a variety of functions and features. This machine has an electronic speed lever on the bottom front of the machine that can be set to the "Tortoise" setting on the left (the slowest speed) all the way up to the "Hare" setting on the right (the fastest speed).

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