Restaurant Theme Night Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Theme nights are a good way to introduce new customers to your restaurant while providing a little variety and entertainment for regular visitors. According to Run a Restaurant, solid planning and carefully placed advertising are the keys to successful theme nights.


Host a tribute band night. Almost any popular artist or band has a tribute band that covers its material. Social networks can be a good way to locate bands and some also work through agencies. A university might be a good place to find bands and advertise your restaurant at the same time. Add a special menu and include dinner in the price of admission.


Develop a theme around the season. In the summer, you may want to feature dishes that contain fruit in the menu, for example. A seasonal theme should be relatively easy to include in your advertising.


A culinary theme night is another good idea. The menu for each culinary night might highlight foods from a different country each time. Run a Restaurant suggests a three-course meal or buffet for this type of a theme, to let customers sample a variety of the menu offerings. A set price for the entire meal is a good idea regardless of the set-up.

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