Ways to Reduce Wind Noise From Roof Racks

Written by ann pedtke | 13/05/2017

Roof racks provide a convenient way to transport bikes, canoes, kayaks, ski equipment and other sports gear. However, the vibrations from a roof rack can cause annoying noise for the passengers inside the vehicle. Minimise this noise by ensuring that your rack and cargo are tightly secured, and that your vehicle is as aerodynamic as possible.

Make Sure Your Rack Is Secure

After long periods of use, roof racks may begin to come loose. Check all screws and mounts and tighten where needed to ensure that your rack is well secured.

Make Sure Your Cargo Is Secure

Check all straps and fastenings to ensure that your cargo is firmly attached. Your gear should not be able to move at all once it is mounted on the rack.

Make Sure Nothing Is Hanging Off

Excess noise is often caused by straps or other fastenings that have come undone. Check that all loose ends are tied up and that nothing is free to flap or bang in the wind.

Install a Wind Deflector

If noise from your roof rack is still a problem, consider buying a wind deflector to attach to the front of your vehicle. These are available in many models, and serve to direct the air flow over your cargo to provide a smoother and quieter experience.

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