What are the average paving costs for a driveway?

Updated April 17, 2017

Paving your driveway adds a welcoming touch to your home and property. There are many types of pavement to choose from, and costs vary by factors such as material, cost and maintenance.


The type of pavement for your driveway is a large factor in terms of cost. On average as of 2010, you'll spend 60p to £1.90 per square foot for macadam (gravel with liquid asphalt), 60p to £3 per square foot for traditional asphalt and £1.90 to £6 per square foot for concrete, according to Cost Helper.


If you're interested in adding customisations to your driveway such as brick or cobblestone patterns, you will end up spending around £1.90 per each stone or brick. To adorn your entire driveway in cobblestone, you will likely spend thousands of dollars, as of 2010.


The square footage of your driveway contributes greatly to the cost of paving. The longer and wider your driveway is, the more you'll spend on making a gravel base and pouring and paving the driveway.

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