What Is Cell Phone MB Usage?

With the growing capabilities of cell phones came the need for Internet access for browsing and apps. Cell phone companies decided to fill that need by providing a data service. By measuring how many megabytes (MB) transfer between the phone and the company, they can gauge how much data the phone is using.

Capability of 200 MB

A 200 MB data transfer happens from sending and receiving 1,000 e-mails, looking at 400 web pages, uploading and downloading 50 photos or watching 20 minutes of video.

Capability of 2000 MB (2 GB)

Transferring 2 GB of data is equivalent to sending and receiving 10,000 e-mails, looking at 4,000 websites, uploading and downloading 500 pictures or watching 200 minutes of video.

Other Options

If you're looking to lower your data usage per month and your phone has the ability to receive a Wi-Fi signal, using that will not require any of your cell phone data package.

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