Jerking Car Problem When Accelerating Engine

Updated March 23, 2017

A car that jerks, shudders or shows other problems during acceleration should be repaired quickly. An acceleration problem exerts undue force on the drive train, causing premature wear, and may even be hazardous in some situations.

Ignition Components

An automobile's ignition system may work fine while idling but fail during acceleration. Problem areas to be inspected include the spark plugs, spark plug wires and vacuum hoses. Car owners should look for spark plugs that are covered in oil or sediment or damaged, spark plug wires that have damaged insulation, and vacuum hoses that are unplugged or leaking.

Fuel Problems

The use of a fuel additive that contains both fuel injector cleaner and water remover can fix minor problems due to water in the gas and fuel injector clogs. A fuel pressure gauge can also be used to test the injection system to assure proper pressure.

Other Problems

While most acceleration problems are likely caused by problems with the plugs, wires or fuel, a variety of sensors and other components can cause similar problems. Diagnostic code readers can be used to locate faulty sensors and other electronic devices. Code readers can be purchased at auto parts stores, or the codes can be read at a repair shop.

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