Laws & Regulations Governing the Airline Industry

Written by usha dadighat | 13/05/2017
Laws & Regulations Governing the Airline Industry
Airlines must follow TSA guidelines. (aeroplane image by Christine F Saulnier from

Knowing the laws and regulations of the airline industry will help make your next flight a smooth and easy process. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) governs many of the regulations surrounding the airline industry. These regulations specify passenger policies for airlines and knowing them before you get to the airport can help you avoid inconvenient surprises.

Prohibited Items

Many of the TSA's laws and regulations detail prohibited and restricted items on an aircraft. Some common prohibited items include explosives, firearms, martial arts items, tools and other sharp objects. You can carry some of these items in checked baggage.

Liquid Restrictions

TSA regulations for airlines specify limitations on liquids, gels and aerosols carried onto an aircraft. Passengers can only carry one clear plastic bag with 100ml containers of liquids, as of November 2010. All larger containers should be in checked baggage.


TSA works with the airline industry to create and enforce regulations determining acceptable identification needed to board a flight. All passengers must show a state or federal photo ID that matches the name on their ticket in order to board an aircraft.

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