White Spots on Strawberry Plants

Written by lara webster | 13/05/2017
White Spots on Strawberry Plants
White spots on strawberry leaves are a sign of disease. (denniskong/iStockphoto/Getty Images)

Strawberry plants are susceptible to a variety of pests and diseases. Each problem presents different symptoms. One disease appears in the form of white spots on the leaves of the plant.


White spots on strawberry leaves are typically the result of powdery mildew. The patches of white fungus grow on the underside of strawberry leaves and only attack the living tissue of strawberry plants.


Failing to treat powdery mildew can result in a loss of fruit or flowers on the plant. Fruit that does grow may be compromised, and there will be a smaller yield.


Fungicides should be applied at the first sight of powdery mildew. A variety of fungicides are available, many of which only require two applications.

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