When to Plant Drumstick Allium

Written by kim dieter | 13/05/2017
When to Plant Drumstick Allium
Drumstick allium are usually grown from bulbs because the seed may take two years to germinate. (allium sphaerocephalon image by Tom Curtis from Fotolia.com)

Drumstick allium are a type of ornamental onion with lavender to dark purple, egg-shaped flowers. The quarter-shaped flowers sit atop 24- to 30-inch stems. Drumstick allium flower in late spring to early summer and are commonly planted as bulbs in the fall.

Planting Site

Drumstick allium do not have attractive foliage and are often planted among other perennial flowers. The drumstick allium flowers are striking, but the foliage is usually hidden among other plants. Drumstick allium grow successfully in flowerbeds, around trees and shrubs, in pots and flower boxes. The bulbs prefer full sun to partial shade and are attractive when planted randomly rather than in row.

When to Plant

Plant the drumstick allium bulbs during cool fall weather. Store the bulbs at 15.6 degrees C or cooler and wait until the soil temperature is lower than 15.6 degrees C to plant. Dig a hole in well-drained soil a depth of three times the bulb height. Place the bulb at the bottom of the hole, root end down. Cover with soil and smooth the soil surface. The stem and foliage will appear when the weather warms in the spring.

Life cycle

Drumstick allium grow and store food after blooming. During the summer they die back to ground level and are dormant into fall. Roots are grown during the fall and winter. Drumstick allium will often reseed and produce new plants close by.

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