The average cost of gutter replacement

Written by candice irene | 13/05/2017
The average cost of gutter replacement
The average house has 36 to 75 m (120 to 250 feet) of gutters. (street lamp, roof gutter image by Andrzej Thiel from

A failing gutter system can cause damage to a home's foundation or walls when rainfall is not properly routed away from the house. The cost for gutter replacement varies on the materials, size of the house and labour costs.

Gutter materials

As of 2010, the cost to buy and install vinyl gutters is £6.33 to £12.66 per meter (£1.90 to £3.80 a linear foot). Aluminium gutters cost £8.43 to £14.76 per metre (£2.53 to £4.43 a foot) while steel gutters cost £18.96 to £25.33 per metre (£5.69 to £7.60 per foot). A copper gutter installation costs £31.66 to £63.33 per metre (£9.50 to £19 a foot). The length of gutters on the average house ranges from 36 to 75 m (120 to 250 linear feet).


The labour for professionally installed gutters is typically included in the cost of the gutter installation. The contractor will take down the old gutters and the old downspouts before installing the new gutters.

Additional fees

You are likely to incur additional costs during a gutter replacement project. It will cost just under £65 to haul off the old downspouts and gutters on a one-story home.

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