The average doctor salary by specialty

Updated April 17, 2017

Many doctors specialise in a specific field in order to provide better health care to their patients. Each speciality has a different average salary that usually depends in some part on a combination of hours worked per week and length of education.


A dermatologist works with patients to diagnose and treat various types of skin conditions and diseases. On average, a dermatologist makes £143,650 per year.


Paediatricians work with children from birth to early adulthood and focus on how to best treat and prevent a wide variety of problems as they pertain to children's health. On average, a paediatrician makes £89,700 per year.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Orthopaedic surgeons work with patients to surgically repair damage to the musculoskeletal system from injury or disease. On average, an orthopaedic surgeon makes £209,950 per year, putting them on the high end of the scale for doctor salaries.


An ophthamologist handles diseases that can cause damage to the eye, aids patients with maintaining proper eye health and can perform surgery if needed. On average, an ophthamologist makes £146,250 per year.


An internist is considered a general, primary-care doctor that serves as the patient's first line of help with any health problems ranging from sinus infections to more serious illnesses. On average, an internist makes £102,700 per year.

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