When to Move Azaleas

Written by steph radabaugh | 13/05/2017
When to Move Azaleas
Azaleas will thrive if transplanted under specific conditions and care. (Azaleas image by RC from Fotolia.com)

Azaleas, a flowering shrub that belongs to the rhododendron genus, transplants successfully when conditions warrant successful root growth. Azaleas grow in a variety of sizes, often times enticing growers to relocate the shrubs.


When to Move Azaleas
The cool and wet temperatures of fall provide optimal climate conditions for azaleas. (fall colours image by Horticulture from Fotolia.com)

The optimal transplantation season for azaleas begins in the fall. Moving and planting azaleas in the fall months provides the cool and wet weather the roots need to grow and spread. Azaleas transplanted in the spring will thrive if planted before April when the weather begins to warm. New azalea roots placed into the ground need time to spread and grow, which cool and wet weather accommodates.

Temperature and Lighting

Cool weather creates a less stressful environment for azaleas when transplanted. Avoid transplanting azaleas in temperatures 26.7 degrees Celsius or more. Shaded or low sunlight conditions contribute to cooler soil.

Plant Condition

Azaleas grow and bloom during warmer months, so it is best to avoid transplanting them during this time. Azaleas in cooler weather contain no blooms and remain dormant.

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