How a multi point injection system works

Written by andrea stein | 13/05/2017
How a multi point injection system works
A multi-point injection system uses multiple injectors to send fuel to car engines. (engine image by peter Hires Images from

A fuel injection system mixes fuel and air and injects the mixture into the cylinders of an internal combustion engine. Multi-point fuel injection systems use more than one injector.


Multi-point fuel injection systems involve the use of numerous individual injectors for each cylinder. Multi-point fuel injection systems inject the fuel mixture into the intake port located upstream of the cylinder's intake valve, as opposed to single-point fuel injection, which injects fuel at a central point in the intake manifold.


Sequential multi-point fuel injection systems use timed injections to coincide with the intake stroke of each cylinder. Batched sequential multi-point fuel injection systems inject fuel into groups without synchronising injections. Simultaneous fuel injections injects the fuel mixture to all the cylinders at the same time.


Benefits of multi-point fuel injection systems include lower gas consumption, due to the fact that the multi-point system delivers a more precise amount of gas to each cylinder, reducing wasted gas. This reduction of gas also results in less harmful emissions.

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