About Chrome & Colbalt Palates in Dentures

Written by jay motes | 13/05/2017
About Chrome & Colbalt Palates in Dentures
Chrome and cobalt are metals often used in dentures. (upper teeth in close up image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.com)

One of the most common complaints with dentures is that they are easily broken. Metal-framed dentures, such as those made from chrome and cobalt, work to solve this problem and have other advantages that consumers should be aware of when choosing dentures.

Added Strength

The primary advantage of a denture with a chrome and cobalt palate is that the denture is much stronger and resistant to damage. Though the chrome and cobalt denture is more expensive than an all plastic (acrylic) denture, the metal frame dentures are less likely to be broken and require replacement.

Thinner Denture

Metal framed dentures can be made much thinner than all plastic dentures. This makes dentures with a full palate that lays across the roof of the mouth or under the tongue less obtrusive. Denture wearers often find these thinner dentures easier to use and more comfortable.


Many denture wearers report that the added weight of metal denture feels more natural in their mouth than all plastic dentures according to 1stDentures.com. The metal used in the framework is also more stable while the denture is being built which helps the denture to fit the wearer better.

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