Advantages & disadvantages of information & communication technology

Updated April 17, 2017

Information and communications technology is the study, development and application of computer-based information systems using telephones, televisions, radios, mobiles, computers and computer software to convert, store, process, protect and transmit information.


The key features of information and communication technology are speed and capacity. You can now access a vast wealth of information speedily from anywhere in the world using search engines. There is greater capacity to store and process data including text, sounds and images with computers.


Information and communication technology has created new jobs and employment opportunities for systems analysts, computer programmers and web designers to mention just a few. This has enabled those employed in the information and communication technological sector to make a living through the revenues they receive.


Information and communication technology has led to job redundancies for many through its steady and progressive inventions as those operating with older technology have found themselves without a secured market as clientele move on to new technology.

Information and communication technology has also provided access to damaging information through various websites that host destructive and immoral content.

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