Are bubble pack envelopes recyclable?

Written by russell huebsch | 13/05/2017
Are bubble pack envelopes recyclable?
Bubble mailers are not recyclable. (cd mailer image by Pefkos from

Engineers Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding invented bubble wrap during the early 1960s as a replacement for wallpaper, according to USA Today. Shortly thereafter, it was quickly seen as an excellent way to keep mailed items safe.

Is It Recyclable?

Theoretically, you can recycle bubble mailers. However, recycling plants usually do not take them because the plastic is attached to paper, according to Austin Community College. Recycling plants have to keep materials pure for making new products, and separating the bubble from the paper would cost too much for most plants.


You can recycle bubble pack envelopes yourself by separating the bubble wrap from the paper and reusing the bubble wrap as padding, according to BogFrog. You could leave the bubble envelope intact for future mailings. Some companies even collect bubble wrap for reuse.


Do not pop the bubble wrap, because if it is unpopped it will offer protection for future use.

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