Conversion of women's jeans sizes to men's jeans sizes

Written by hallie hammack | 13/05/2017
Conversion of women's jeans sizes to men's jeans sizes
Despite differences in sizing, men's jeans may fit women just as well. (jeans... image by Saskia Massink from

No longer limiting themselves to one side of the clothing shop, many women are now shopping for jeans in the men's department as well. Using simple maths, you can easily convert women's jeans to the roughly equivalent men's size.

Size conversion

To convert women's jeans sizes to men's, simply add 18 inches to the women's size in order to find the waist measurement of the men's trousers. For example, a pair of size 10 women's jeans would be roughly equivalent to men's jeans with a 70 cm (28 inch) waist.


Generally, men's jeans are not as full through the hip and thigh as women's. Because of this difference, women with a fuller figure may have to select a larger men's waist size in order to obtain a proper fit.


Men's jeans, like women's, vary greatly in cut and style. For this reason, it's best to try on clothing rather than relying on measurements alone.

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