What is emulsifying ointment?

Written by allison piehl | 13/05/2017
What is emulsifying ointment?
Emulsifying ointment can be used to treat extremely dry skin. (woman's hand rubbing lotion on leg image by Tracy Martinez from Fotolia.com)

Emulsifying ointment is an oily moisturiser that works to revitalise dry skin. Because it is so greasy, it is usually only used in extreme cases of dryness.


Emulsifying ointment is made of paraffin oils. As paraffin is flammable, it is important to thoroughly wash any surfaces on which emulsifying ointment is smeared. For the same reason, it is important to not smoke or stand near flames, such as candles or a fireplace, while using the ointment.


Emulsifying ointment is best suited for cases of extremely dry skin. Applying it directly after showering, when skin is still damp, will cause moisture to be kept in the skin.


As with any beauty product, it is important to read all labels before using emulsifying ointment, as adverse reactions are possible. If you are using other skin products or medications, ask a health care professional if emulsifying ointment will interfere with the effectiveness of the other product(s). It is important to avoid flames while using emulsifying ointment and to wash any fabrics or surfaces which come in contact with the flammable ointment.

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