Job Description for a Pre-Registration Pharmacist

Written by cassie damewood | 13/05/2017
Job Description for a Pre-Registration Pharmacist
A preregistration pharmacist needs good knowledge of many medications. (pharmacie image by muro from

Before a pharmacist can be officially registered and approved to practice in the United Kingdom, he must work for one year assisting an experienced pharmacist registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. This position is called preregistration pharmacist.

Job Duties

Dispensing medications to customers and explaining details on dosages, common allergies and possible interactions with foods and other pharmaceuticals is a pharamacist's primary duty. Keeping controlled substances properly secured is required. Answering customer inquiries with precision and courtesy is also necessary.

Skill Requirements

Understanding the ingredients in prescribed drugs as well as over-the-counter medications is important. Computer skills are needed to research patient histories and control inventories. Attention to detail ensures the preregistration pharmacist dispenses correct medications in proper dosages.

Preferred Background

Before becoming a preregistration pharmacist, applicants must complete a certified, four-year, pharmacy degree program. Experience working in a medical or pharmaceutical environment is preferred. Patient or customer relations background is an asset.

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