Are there any flowers that rabbits don't like?

Written by shoaib khan | 13/05/2017
Are there any flowers that rabbits don't like?
Rabbits do not feast on certain varieties of garden flowers. (Nathan Blaney/Photodisc/Getty Images)

A hungry rabbit may eat almost any type of flower. As all herbivores, however, rabbits prefer some plants over others; there are more than 100 species of plants that they do not like. Growing them may keep rabbits out of the garden.


Rabbits do not like certain perennial plants, including foxglove, chrysanthemum, tiger lily, yucca, butterfly weed, blanket flower, poppy, purple coneflower, lamb's ear and bleeding heart.


Species of annuals that rabbits do not eat include morning glory, salvia, marigold, lobelia, verbena, dahlia, cleome, grape hyacinth, snapdragon and zinnia. Rabbits will not eat these plants if other more favourable food sources are available.

Vines and Ground Covers

Apart from planting perennials and annuals that rabbits do not prefer, another way to keep rabbits out of a garden is to grow vines and ground covers that rabbits do not eat. These include periwinkle, English ivy, dwarf plumbago, Virginia creeper and Japanese spurge.

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