What Is Wrong if My Kodak Printer Has Purple Hues When Printing Photographs?

Updated June 15, 2017

When your Kodak printer is printing images with the wrong colour cast, several different things can be wrong with it. However, they all lead to the same essential problem: the printer does not know what kind of paper it is printing on.

Double Profiling

Double profiling occurs when you set a profile for your printer and paper combination in a program like Photoshop, but also set one on your printer in the printer's dialogue box. Make sure you turn the colour management off on your printer if you want Photoshop or a program like it to manage colours.

Incorrect Paper Type

If you have selected the wrong paper type in the printer dialogue box, there will likely be a strong colour cast on your print. To troubleshoot this problem, make sure that you have selected the correct paper type and that the paper you are using is compatible with your printer. It's best to use Kodak paper with Kodak printers, as all the paper types are preloaded in the printer software.

Individual Color Adjustments

Alternatively, you can adjust the colour cast of the printed photo in the print dialogue box under the "Color Management" tab. Here, you can subtract magenta from the print (which is the colour causing the purple hue colour cast) and make test prints until the colours are accurate. Using the settings in the printer dialogue box are more accurate than using the settings on the printer.

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