Egyptian Dating Rituals

Written by nikki van de walle | 13/05/2017
Egyptian Dating Rituals
Keeping your head covered is proper Muslim etiquette. (Muslim woman image by from

Traditional Egyptian dating rituals remain religiously tied to the Muslim faith. Egyptian couples are typically not as traditional as those in other nations who practice Muslim principles regarding dating before marriage.


Marriage unions were arranged by the bride's father and the groom, and a woman was not given a choice regarding her life partner. Dating in ancient Egyptian times was not allowed, and most brides and grooms were approximately 12 years of age at the time of their marriage. It was also common for older gentlemen to take child brides.

Modern Practices

Egyptian Muslims still follow many of the ancient marriage and dating traditions. Couples still practice arranged marriages. Couples who meet and fall in love have to get both families to consent to a mutual union. Brides are expected to marry as virgins.


Egyptian males are not allowed to approach an unknown female, and they cannot stand too close a woman when speaking to her. A woman's virginity is considered proof of good karma and morality, and a scarf should be worn to cover her head to retain modesty.

Urfi Marriages

College couples are beginning to enter into Urfi marriages as a loophole, to engage in premarital sex. Couples keep this marriage a secret and continue to live with their families. The are able to have sex, but are not technically breaking any religious traditions. Urfi marriages do not have official contracts. They are verbal agreements.

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