The average cost of internet service

Written by bayard tarpley | 13/05/2017
The average cost of internet service
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Pinpointing the average cost of Internet service is difficult due to the wide variety of services available. The average cost for broadband services, for example, will be vastly different from that of dial-up.


Even within categories of Internet service, there are smaller divisions. Broadband service, for example, is divided by upload and download limits. The cost of each is different and among companies this cost will be even more varied. Find out how much data you are likely to be transferring, then compare prices from various providers.


Dial-up Internet is often charged by the minute. It is often the cost of a local phone call (as it uses the phone line to connect). This means that the cost of dial-up Internet will depend on the connection speed and the length of time spent connected. This will determine whether it is more or less cost-effective than broadband access.


How much location affects the cost of Internet access depends on what type is chosen. Broadband varies wildly from country to country, with Japan paying around $.27 per megabyte per second and averaging 68 megabytes per second; however, the United States only averages 4.8 megabytes per second and users pay an average of £2.10 per megabyte per second.

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