What is TV banding?

Updated July 19, 2017

Banding is a problem that can affect any screen device from televisions to mobile phones and gaming devices. It's the result of a screen defect that causes vertical lines to appear on the screen during viewing.

Affected Devices

Issues of TV banding are typically found in LCD and LED screens. The problem is thought to be a defect of back lit displays. Banding does not affect plasma TVs because they don't use the same backlighting technology. That's not to say that a plasma TV can't have similar issues caused by other problems, but the technology behind plasmas does not allow for what is commonly referred to as banding.


There is no generally accepted explanation for what causes banding. It is a manufacturer defect in the light display and has nothing to do with the way the TV is used.


Because banding is the result of a factory defect, there is no way for a consumer to prevent the problem from occurring. Replacement is the best option for a device with banding issues. If this problem occurs on a new television exchange it for a product that is not defective.

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