Job description for a ward manager

Updated March 20, 2018

Hospital wards need professionals who can oversee staff, daily operations and patient care. Ward managers fill this role by researching and implementing effective nursing practices, supervising employees and coordinating ward activities with other hospital departments.


A ward manager is responsible for managing the administrative functions of a hospital ward. Common responsibilities for this position include ordering medical supplies, tracking expenses, enforcing standard ward policies and procedures and training and recruiting ward staff. Ward managers also conduct audits, monitor catering, cleaning and laundry services and investigate and record accidents and complaints.


Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills are beneficial in a ward manager position. Other qualifications that employers look for include strong leadership and project management abilities, as well as a high attention to detail. Candidates should also be able to work well under pressure.

Average Salary reported that ward managers earned an average salary of £31,850 per year in October 2010. Annual earnings vary based on factors such as company size, geographic location and skill level.

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