Home Remedy to Remove Static Electricity From Clothing

It can be very frustrating to put on your favourite outfit and find that it is clinging to your skin. There are ways, however, to remove and prevent static cling.


Clothes get static because the positive and negative electricity in clothing and the items they touch are not equal. According to the Get Rid of Things website, when clothes touch in a dry environment, such as the dryer, they exchange electrons. "The object that lost electrons became positively charged while the object that gained electrons became negatively charged." This creates static.


Wet your hands with water and pat clingy clothes down. Also, mix fabric softener and water in a spray bottle and slightly spray clothing. Apply moisturiser to your body to prevent clothes from sticking. According to the I Love India website, hairspray is said to reduce electricity, so lightly spray clothing with it.


There are a number of ways to prevent static clothing. Add vinegar to the wash cycle: It keeps static at bay. The Home Life Weekly website suggests separating synthetic fabrics from natural fabrics when drying clothes and not drying them completely. Dryer sheets reduce static by making clothes more conductive.

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