Specifications of My 1998 Kawasaki 1100 Zxi

Updated February 21, 2017

Though in some ways riding a jet ski is a lot like riding a motorcycle on the water, there are some important differences. Jet skis do not have brakes, but water craft tend to lose forward momentum when the power is cut off much faster than land vehicles. Jet skis frequently leave the water and run through the crests of waves. The 1998 Kawasaki 1100 Zxi is designed to accommodate for these differences.

Engine Specifications

The 1998 Kawasaki 1100 Zxi has a two-stroke, three-cylinder engine that develops 120 horse power at 6,750rpm. It has a crankcase reed valve induction system and develops 364 Kilogram of thrust. It has a displacement of 1.071 cubic inches, a bore and stroke of 80.0 and 71.0 and a compression ratio of 5.8 to 1. It is powered by a single stage axial flow jet pump and cooled by water induction. The carburettor is a triple CDCV 38s with a single fuel pump. It has superlube oil injection lubrication, digital CDI ignition and a keyed electric starter.

Body Specifications

The length of the 1998 Kawasaki 1100 Zxi is 108.7 inches (just over 9 feet), the width is 42.1 inches (just over three and a half feet) and the height is 39.3 inches (just over three and a quarter feet). It weighs 267 Kilogram. The fuel capacity is 13.7 gallons with a 1.8 gallon reserve tank, and the oil capacity is 4.0 quarts. The hull has a deep vee design that adds to stability without decreasing forward speed. Special (patented) side splash guards protect passengers from spray and also assist in making sharp turns.

Special Features

The 1998 Kawasaki 1100 Zxi had so many special features that the 1100 design was continued for several years with very little change. The control panel features twice as many readouts as most water skis and the readouts are large, easy-to-read LEDs. Sensors include an engine temperature sensor and a buzzer that alerts the user when the oil is low. The oil supply cable is linked to the throttle cable to insure a proper oil and gas mixture. (Two stroke engines must have oil mixed in with the gas before it is ignited.) The 1998 Kawasaki 1100 Zxi also introduced a low-speed reverse which makes it much easier to manoeuvre close to the dock. There is an open rear deck with a retractable step that makes it easy to remount the jet ski from the water and several storage compartments--on the rear deck, under the seats and a large glove compartment.

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