Job role of a police officer at a crime scene

Written by jeremy price | 13/05/2017

Police officers have a variety of roles when at the scene of crime, with the goal being to solve the crime and apprehend suspects as quickly as possible. Police officers investigate each type of crime differently, much of which depends on its severity.


Police officers at a crime scene begin the process of solving offences by asking questions, both of victims (when possible) and witnesses. Questions are aimed at finding out details of the who, what, when, where, how and why from those involved or nearby.


Police officers at crime scenes must scope the area for physical clues. That includes smaller items such as hair strands or fingerprints, and more obvious evidence such as bullet casings, weapons or surveillance cameras.


While interviewing and investigating are extremely important, securing the crime scene is also vital for police officers. That typically entails marking off the scene with large rolls of tape and ensuring all evidence is collected before allowing the general public to enter into the vicinity where a crime took place.

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