Bereavement words of sympathy

Updated April 15, 2017

Sympathy cards can express comfort. Knowing what to say to the bereaved is more difficult. Speak words of comfort that you would want to hear.


If the deceased is family, it is all right to show emotion. Offer your assistance by saying, "I will bring you dinner tomorrow." Asking what you can do is too broad a question. Share memories of the deceased that are happy moments. Express words of love for the deceased and family. Physical contact in the form of a hug can speak louder than words.


Express your sympathy with words of comfort such as, "I am very sorry; I will miss him. He was a wonderful friend. I loved being around him." Choose a sympathy card that you would want to receive from a friend. Write a special note that expresses your feelings about the deceased and your sympathy for the family.


Losing a pet that was a constant companion can be very hurtful. Show that you care by sending a sympathy card. If you have a picture of the pet, include it in the card. You can find cards for pets wherever sympathy cards are sold.

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