Toshiba Laptop Power Problems

Written by trish jackson | 13/05/2017
Toshiba Laptop Power Problems
Toshiba laptops are known to have power problems. (laptop image by Du...¡an Zidar from

Certain models of Toshiba laptop computers have had power problems that were so widespread, a class-action suit was filed against Toshiba for Toshiba Satellite Models A75, M30X and M35X. The most common problem was caused by a faulty DC Power Jack.


Toshiba laptop power problem symptoms include the battery not charging when the power cord is plugged in to the wall. It may start charging if you jiggle it, and the charging light may flicker on and off intermittently. There may even be a burning smell. Alternatively, the computer might overheat and shut down without warning.


Intermittent power problems may be caused by a faulty DC power jack, which is located on the motherboard. If the computer shuts down suddenly without warning, the problem could be caused by overheating caused by a clogged heat sink.


Dismantle the Toshiba laptop by turning it upside down and undoing the screws, removing the wireless card, metal brace, battery, DVD drive, securing strip, and other parts to access the motherboard and the power jack. If the power jack pins are corroded, they should be cleaned with very fine sandpaper. If the pins are loose, they should be soldered. Check the heat sink for dirt and dust, and blow it out with canned air.

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