How Much Sun Do Strawberry Plants Need?

Written by faith alessio | 13/05/2017
How Much Sun Do Strawberry Plants Need?
Strawberry plants require full sun. (Strawbery image by Dusi from

Strawberries are a favourite summer fruit for many people. Growing strawberries in a home garden takes some effort, but after two or three years, well-maintained strawberry plants can produce a large harvest. Plenty of sun is one requirement for healthy strawberry plants.


Plant strawberries on a cool day with plenty of cloud cover. Excessive sun exposure or heat will damage new plants and stunt their growth. Strawberries are best planted in early spring. Choose a bed with full-sun exposure.

Growing Season

During the growing season, strawberries need full sun. At least six hours of full sun a day are required for healthy growth. Better fruit and stronger plants result from 10 hours of sun daily.

Container Planting

Strawberries also grow well in containers. If you grow strawberries in containers, set your plants outdoors for at least six hours of full sun. If weather or climate prevents this, use a grow lamp to give your strawberries six to 10 hours of light a day.

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