Electric Chainsaw Problems

Written by heather mckinney | 13/05/2017
Electric Chainsaw Problems
Electric chainsaws are a convenient alternative to gas-powered. (chainsaw image by Andris Daugovich from Fotolia.com)

Electric chainsaws have an advantage over gas powered in that they do not require fuel. They are not without their problems, though. If you experience problems with your electric chainsaw, use the owner's manual to troubleshoot some of the common problems.

Chainsaw Will Not Start

This problem may indicate an issue with the chainsaw’s power switch. If the switch is bad, then it must be replaced.

Chainsaw Stops While Cutting

Look to see if the brake is on. If it is, release the brake and the chainsaw should run properly. If the brake is off, this may indicate a problem with the clutch that needs to be repaired.

Cutting at the Wrong Angle

Check the cutters on the chain to see if they are dull or broken. If so, sharpen the chain’s cutters. If the cutters are in good shape, check the guide bar. If it is bent or broken, replace it.

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