Crabs, Fish & Terrapins Together As Pets

Written by ann lapan | 13/05/2017
Crabs, Fish & Terrapins Together As Pets
It's important to know whether your aquatic pets can live together. (Terrapin Turtles in Athens National Gardens image by DocAcesRock from

Crabs, fish and terrapins aren’t often found together in aquariums, so when considering placing them in the same tank, it’s important to know whether they’ll get along.

Habitat Needs

Terrapins, or turtles, and crabs both require some above water areas in their tank. Therefore, it’s best to start your aquarium with a tank specially designed for terrapins. This provides a pond area for the fish, and wet and dry areas for the terrapins and crabs.


Terrapins and crabs are omnivores. Crabs eat fish food and algae. Terrapins enjoy vegetables, such as lettuce, but also eat fish. If your aquarium is to be successful, it’s important to make sure your terrapin is well fed, and to be prepared for fish losses by buying a larger quantity. Fish, such as Otocinclus and Mollys, can be kept together and will eat the terrapin’s waste, ensuring that you don’t have to feed them as often.

Water Quality

With terrapins, water quality can decrease quickly. Terrapins need clean water, so it’s important to change the water frequently, which can disturb your fish. However, because fish and crabs eat waste and algae, they can help maintain water quality longer.

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