Saniplus upflush toilet information

Written by christopher john | 13/05/2017
Saniplus upflush toilet information
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The Saniplus toilet is a component of the Saniplus system offered by Saniflo, which offers a range of macerating systems. Macerating systems soften waste and grind it into pieces.


Saniplus upflush toilets are for bathrooms that are located 15 feet below a home's main sewer line, or at a distance of 150 feet from a soil stack. Whereas above-ground toilets normally rely on gravity to pull waste water down to the main drain, upflush toilets pump the waste up into the main line.


Three specific rear discharge toilets are available for connection to the Saniplus unit, and these toilets work only with the Saniplus system. The Saniplus unit is designed to handle waste from a complete bathroom, including toilet, bathtub, shower and sink. There are four connections involving the toilet: the macerator/pump connects to the spigot of the toilet, the discharge pipe, and the electrical supply. The toilet tank connects to the water supply.

Inner Function

Depending on the configuration of the discharge pipes, a normal Saniplus operating cycle lasts 10 to 15 seconds. When you press the toilet handle, water flows into the Saniplus and the motor activates, rotating the macerator blades that transform the waste to slurry. The unit then pumps the outflow upward or horizontally.


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