Duties of a Subway Sandwich Artist

Updated March 23, 2017

Subway is an American restaurant franchise. It has become famous for selling salads and sandwiches such as the "foot-long." Subway restaurant staff are called "sandwich artists" and are required to fulfil a number of duties in their job description. Exceptional customer service comes at the forefront of these duties.

Food Preparation

The artist should prepare food accurately to the recipe, in a neat fashion and in a timely way.

Menu Understanding

The sandwich artist should be able to explain the menu with a complete understanding to customers and ensure that they are polite and cheerful when dealing with customers.

Monitor Products

A Subway sandwich artist needs to check the products in the sandwich area and keep them fully restocked to make sure there is always enough. They should do this throughout their shift.


The artist should keep the facility clean as directed by the manager of the branch.

Customer Service

A sandwich artist should be front of house, greeting customers, processing the order and using the cash register to record the order and process the payment, before providing any necessary change to the customer.

Quality Control

Subway employees must understand and adhere to all of the quality standards, formulas and procedures. The guidelines can be found in the "Subway Operations Manual."


Everything in the branch including all forms of money, bread and other produce should be accounted for by the artist when they are on shift.


The artist must comprehend and follow all food handling, safety and sanitary standards when they are preparing food, serving food and cleaning up after customers and themselves.


The artist should keep their appearance and their grooming standards to within the guidelines stipulated in the "Subway Operations Manual."


A Subway sandwich artist should be prepared to carry out light paperwork when required.

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