Where Can I Go to Weigh My Car?

Updated July 19, 2017

Knowing the weight of your vehicle can be crucial. For drivers who need to haul heavy loads, want to attach a trailer or are simply curious, finding the gross weight of your car or truck is fairly easy and can be done at several locations.

Standard Weighing Locations

This is where the big boys go. Heavy semi-trucks are weighed frequently at highway weigh stations, at truck stops and at some rest areas. If the attendants aren't busy, they will often allow a car to be weighed.

Alternative Weighing Locations

Recycling plants and landfills often have large scales that will weigh a car. This may require some persuasion, but most of the time the attendants will have no problem doing it. Mills, factories and farms often have scales they use to weigh food and machinery for shipping.


Some scales of this size are only accurate to within 4.5 or 9.07kg. Those looking for an extremely precise reading might be hard-pressed to find an accurate scale. Other variables include how much gas is in the tank, how many passengers are in the car and whether or not you have heavy equipment or spare tires in the boot.


Most weigh stations and rest areas charge between five and 10 dollars. Mills, landfills and plants will often charge something similar for their trouble.

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