Clinical Trial Assistant Job Description

Updated March 29, 2017

Clinical trial assistants work within a medical setting and assist with health-related research studies. The role includes providing administrative support, assisting with routine tests and procedures and collecting both data and samples. Clinical trial assistants are also referred to as clinical research assistants or research assistants.


MAPS Applied Research Center reports that clinical trial assistants should have a bachelor's degree in health-related field and ideally one year of experience in a clinical research environment. A clinical trial assistant also needs to have an understanding of medical terminology.


Part of the role involves inputting data on to a computer system and searching patient records, clinical trial assistants must therefore be computer literate. The ability to understand and follow complex, detailed technical instructions and knowledge of data management processes are important to the role.


Responsibilities include assisting with the set-up of research equipment, performing literature searches, screening and scheduling of subjects and inputting information on to a computer system.


The salary of a clinical trial assistant varies depending on level of responsibility and the organisation. According to Indeed, the average annual salary of a clinical trials assistant in July 2010 was £24,700.


Clinical trial assistants must be sensitive and understanding to patients needs and aware of confidentiality issues.

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