Replenishment associate job description

Updated March 23, 2017

A replenishment associate is an employee whose primary duty is to maintain the inventory on store shelves for customers to purchase. Replenishment associates, or stock clerks, work primarily in retail, but job opportunities also exist in other industries.

Job Duties

The primary duty of a replenishment associate is to stock inventory on the sales floor so that sales representatives and customers can access the product. Replenishment associates also unpack deliveries, organise stockrooms and assist with inventory calculations. Replenishment associates who work during business hours may also assist customers.

Job Requirements

A replenishment associate is often an entry-level position, as few qualifications are required. A high school diploma or GED, a clean criminal background and the ability to pass a drug test are the most common requirements. Replenishment associates generally learn their skills through on-the-job training.


Replenishment associates generally earn around minimum wage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that median annual wages for stock clerks as of May 2008 were £13,520. Many replenishment associates are employed on a part-time basis, which makes them ineligible for benefits with most employers. Most retailers offer merchandise discounts to their employees, however.


Replenishment associates generally work at department stores and similar retail establishments. Retailers that sell high volume or perishable items are the most common employers of replenishment associates. Medical and office facilities may also employ replenishment associates to stock commonly used items.

Career Advancement

Replenishment associates are well positioned for career advancement. Replenishment associates observe and work with higher-paid staff and learn the skills needed to succeed in those positions. Replenishment associates can move into sales, merchandising, inventory or management positions.

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