Weight progress in bulldog puppies

Written by jennifer gittins | 13/05/2017
Weight progress in bulldog puppies
Bulldogs should gain weight at a rate of a pound per week during puppyhood. (Bulldog anglais image by Olivier from Fotolia.com)

Owners or breeders should chart a dog’s weight on a daily basis to ensure that the puppy is continuing to grow and gain weight. No weight gain signifies a potential health issue and requires attention by a veterinarian.


According to DogBreedInfo.com, bulldogs produce litters of four to five puppies. When fully grown, this medium-sized breed can weigh up to 24.9 Kilogram.

At Birth

At birth, the average bulldog puppy weighs between 284 and 397gr, but they may be as small as 142gr and as large as 510gr.

One Month

As the puppy grows, the owner or breeder should expect to see a 1 pound weight gain per week. By the end of the first four weeks, the puppy should weigh around 1.81 Kilogram.

Two Months

At eight weeks, the puppy should be approximately 3.63 Kilogram in size. However, some dogs may weigh slightly more or slightly less.

Three Month

As expected, at 12 weeks the puppy should weigh somewhere around 5.44 Kilogram. Of course, variations may occur and some dogs may weigh more or less than 5.44 Kilogram.

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