Role of GP Practice Manager

Written by kj henderson | 13/05/2017

A GP practice manager is an office manager who oversees the operational activities of a general practice health care facility. These professionals direct all aspects of the business end of the organisation, including accounting, human resources and facilities. The term GP is used almost exclusively in the United Kingdom.

Staff Management

In most environments, a GP practice manager is responsible for hiring, training and providing performance management to the administrative staff of the facility.

Business Operations

A GP practice manager performs various operational duties including: running payroll, accounts payable and receivable, preparing financial statements and coordinating employee work schedules.

Equipment Maintenance

Ensuring that all equipment such as office supplies and medication is procured and in stock is the responsibility of a GP practice manager.

Qualifications for Employment

While a formal college education is not required to become a GP practice manager, employers typically require that candidates have previous management experience, particularly within the health care industry.


Input Youth reported in 2010 that the average salary of GP practice manager starts at about £20,000.

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